Become a member

Membership types

General membership: $5–50/month (access during drop-in hours)

Keyholder membership: $100-200/month (24-7 access)\

All membership fees are pay what you can. No one turned away for lack of funds. Work trade options and exemptions are available on a case-by-case basis.

What does membership mean?

+ Meeting other people who care about tech resistance, art community, skill sharing, and abolishing systems of oppression

+ Access to a loft studio in the plateau for coworking, collective making, sharing resources, community organizing, and caring for each other.

+ Access to shared desks, printers (Risograph, BW laser, color inkjet), computers, VR headset (Quest 2), electronics equipment, tools, library, etc. and our collective living room + kitchen

+ Access to our Discord server & Signal chat for resource & gig sharing, workshops & planning, etc.

+ Option to help run the space by joining a committee (ex. Events & Programming, Facilities & Technology, Riso Printing, Membership & Outreach, Admin & Finance, Structure & Governance, etc.)

Want to join?


Why should I become a member?

Everyone has their own reasons (social, professional, technical, emotional, political, etc).

It simply feels good to know that you have a place to go and work on projects, learn + teach, be silly, vibe, and co-exist with other brilliant sweetie pies.

Membership is how and why we exist. It is how we foster the trust, belonging, responsibility, and reciprocity that is necessary for fortifying a felt, material, and resilient sense of ‘community’ and ‘solidarity’ in our networks. You don’t have to be a ‘member’ to be a part of Cyber Love, but it helps make it feel real.

Can I do [artistic medium] at Cyber Love?

Maybe! Most of our members do computer stuff, design, programming, printing, writing, VR, drawing, soldering, sewing, and other desk-type stuff. Sometimes people play piano, acoustic guitar, synths, DJ practice (before 10pm), painting, etc.

We cannot host ceramics, oil painting, anything with broken glass or excessive dust. If you’re not sure, just ask!

Can I bring my dog?

Probably! As long as they don’t eat art, they’re welcome. We ask that people write in Signal/Discord before bringing their doggo for the first time, if they’re barky, or if they don’t get along well with other dogs.

I want to be a keyholder member, but I can only afford general membership. How does the PWYC/NOTAFLOF system work?

We’re aware that people who are trans, racialized, disabled, and/or intergenerationally poor are more likley to experience barriers in the art/tech sector.

We don’t want finances to be a barrier to being a Cyber Love member. Especially for folks who are low income and trans, disabled, Black, Indigenous, POC, etc.

Just talk to us! For now, we deal with it on a case-by-case basis and we don’t have limits for how many subsidized spots we can offer yet. Help us capacity test =)

What is the situation with physical accessibility?

– Our space is not wheelchair accessible (yet). There are 9 steps to enter (2 mini-flights of stairs).

–There is one gender-neutral bathroom.

– We have free KN-95 grade masks & covid testing kits at the door.

– One day per week is mask required (Fridays).

– We only have 1 HEPA filter right now.

– Noise levels can be a bit unpredictable. We are on the street level, our walls are very thin, and our loft is directly below a dance studio (see noise calendar)

Feel free to ask us via email, IG, or the membership application form if you have any particular access needs that aren’t covered here! We’re learning as we go and happy to make accommodations!