Upcoming public drop-in hours, events, workshops, and more at Cyber Love Hotel! See drop in hours for more info and the schedule for general members.

Please note that masks are required on Fridays! We have free KN95-grade masks & covid testing kits
at the door.

What is your address?

We don’t share our address online. If you have a friend who is already involved, ask them! You can also DM us on Instagram @cyberlovehotel or email us at cyberlovehotel[at]protonmail[dot]com. Please note that we’re slow at emails 🫣

Accessibility info

  • Cyber Love Hotel is NOT wheelchair accessible (yet).
  • We are located on the ground floor but there are two mini flights of stairs to get to the studio (5 steps and 4 steps).
  • We have free KN95-grade masks & covid testing kits
at the door.

  • We have one large HEPA filter air purifier; and we try to open the windows for airflow, depending on weather.
  • One day per week is mask required (Fridays).

  • There is one gender neutral bathroom near the entrance.

  • Noise levels can be a bit unpredictable. we are on the street level, our walls are very thin, and our loft is directly below a dance studio.
  • Contact us for more info about sensory access needs (i.e. noise, lights, scents, movement)
  • Service dogs are welcome, just give us a heads up first if possible!

Noise Calendar

We try our best to keep this calendar updated with recurring stompy times from the dance studio above us. It can be useful when planning events, space rentals, or just preparing yourself for what to expect when coming to the space. Sometimes classes can start earlier or end later than we expect.

Pay special attention to the martial arts classes…imagine a room of adults practicing body slams above your head. We don’t recommend having IRL or remote meetings in the space during those times.